Now What?

Now what man barn7423

I fell for the illusions amongst my humans. Even though something always smelled bad and didn’t feel good, I tried to cram myself into what I thought they told me to cram myself into. And all the while I felt so bad for my roundness not fitting into their squareness, believing I was wrong for being round. I wasn’t! I don’t fit in there! No one does! And now? Now, I know the they, the them and the their… THEY don’t exist! I exist and we exist. That is it.


Some things just don’t stack up…


Sometimes you need to put things on different shelves. Sometimes you just need to throw shit out and stop pretending you’re going to use it one day. Just because you have space doesn’t mean you need to fill it. GET RID OF SOME SHIT TODAY! You will feel so good. Sell it, give it away, throw it away. If it’s just been sitting there for a year, not moving, release it into the wild. It deserves a useful life! Where you have stagnation on your shelves, you have stagnation in your heart. Create a new nation for yourself, out of stagnation… how ’bout SENSATION?! (Sure it’s not really a “nation,” it’s a “nsation.” But that S will bring you balance, I promise). I don’t know why this picture appeals to me but I love it. And it needed to be blurry.